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Passivating agents

Two component passivator

Model: ZY-AB

ZY-ABType 2 two-component passivatorSafe use instructions

Product introduction

ZY-ABType 2 two-component passivator is the third generation product of our company. The passivator consists ofA剂、BThe agent consists of two components,AThe agent is orange yellow,BThe agent is green,ABMixed liquid为浅绿色。

性能:It is characterized by the addition of special organic polymers into the improved primary passivatorAnd trace chromium nickel, molybdenum, vanadiumThe passivation film becomes a composite film composed of organic films。The composite film has the characteristics of good sealing, high hardness, high strength, no color, good brightness and strong protection.The galvanized products treated by the passivator have better appearance, stronger anti-corrosion ability, and better anti-salt spray test ability than the traditional chromate passivator1030倍。

用途:The passivating agent can effectively prevent white rust on galvanized surfaceAnd black spotIt is the most effective passivating agent for hot-dip galvanized products at present.The surface of galvanized layer treated with the passivator has good coating property。It is suitable for the final passivation treatment of various high quality hot dip galvanized products。

Operation instruction

1. The proportion of the working liquid is1+3+14-16[A+B+]1公斤ALiquid addition3公斤BLiquid readdition14-16Kilogram water(You can add less in summer2Kilo water, high concentration

2. The special configuration ratio of galvanized sheet is1:3:10-121公斤ALiquid addition3公斤BLiquid readdition10-12Kilogram water

3. Passivation solution工作Duration galvanized pipeOptimum temperature:3050

4. Passivation time:110

5. Preparation of passivation liquid water: deionized water or pure water, the conductivity should be less than200μs/cm

Matters needing attention

1. The fewer and more frequent the tank volume configuration, the better。

2. The passivation tank can be recycled and cleaned once a week。

3. Accidentally passivation liquid splashed into the eyes, should be promptly washed with water and medical treatment。

    4. 刚钝化Galvanized pipeIt should be dried thoroughly before bundlingStorage room temperature should be above zero