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Passivating agents

One component passivator

ZY-301-IIB passivating agent instructions

一、 Product Introduction:

推出New single-component passivation solutionHigh strength adhesiveIt is not precipitated, always contained in the liquid, hung on the surface of the galvanized parts during passivation, the thickness of the passivation film is increased, the anti-corrosion effect is good, and the slag is significantly less than the old passivation liquid。Effectively ensure the passivation liquid quality stability

After passivation of the product, the passivation film is colorless, bright and strong corrosion resistanceWith tank liquid stability, easy maintenance, reduce emissions, conducive toEnvironmental protection

用途Suitable for post-treatment passivation of various galvanized products, effectively prevent white embroidery and black spots on the surface of galvanized products, and increase the corrosion resistance of metal。

2. Operation guidance and process parameters:

1.Liquid dispensing ratio: galvanized sheet 1:9, plating other components 1:30;That is, one kilogram of passivation liquid is added to 9 kilograms or 30 kilograms of pure water;After passivation漂洗。

2.Consumption: Galvanized sheet 0.35g/㎡, spray pipe 1.2g/㎡。

3.Operating temperature: 10-50


5.Chromic acid point: 14-20。

6.Passivation time: 1-25 seconds

Seven.Preparation water: conductivity should be less than 200µs/cm of deionized water。

Iii. Precautions:

1. The passivation effect of galvanized pipe is best by spraying。

2. The effect of roller coating is the best, followed by spray extrusion and finally immersion。

3. Wire passivation of galvanized sheet must be dried before winding, so as to ensure that the sheet has good corrosion resistance, it is recommended to use80-130The hot air blows dry to reach50-80The metal surface temperature

4. Impregnation of structural parts: plus30-35Double water does not rinseAdd adjustment solution and use repeatedly。

5. Passivating product warpAfter 24 hours of reaction, a reliable and stable corrosion resistant skin film is formed, and then the corrosion resistance is the strongest。